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04-07-2016CHOPIN Technologies joins the KPM Analytics Group

CHOPIN Technologies joins the KPM Analytics Group

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Press release, Villeneuve la Garenne, France, June 30th 2016,


CHOPIN Technologies announced today that it has joined the KPM Analytics Group.

KPM Analytics based in Milford, MA, USA was formed last year with the acquisitions of Unity Scientific ( and Process Sensors ( The company’s premium brands provide instrumentation solutions for many industries and markets, from food quality and safety to environmental and agriculture.

CHOPIN Technologies is a world leader in providing quality testing solutions to the grain and flour markets. Throughout CHOPIN’s long history, the company has focused on solving difficult challenges faced each day by customers involved in grain and flour production.  The company’s more than 100 employees work from the headquarters in France as well as from subsidiaries in China and the United States.

“Joining the KPM Group is a great opportunity for CHOPIN Technologies. Developing synergies with Unity Scientifics and Process Sensors will enable the three companies to increase their skills, for the strong benefit of their customers and distribution partners,” says Marc Dolige, CHOPIN’s CEO. “Bringing effective and innovative solutions to our clients is and will remain our assignment”

Marc Dolige will continue as CEO after the acquisition - as will the entire CHOPIN management team. “We are thrilled to be adding Marc and his team to the group and look forward to continued innovation, growth and success” says Chris McIntire, KPM’s CEO. “The acquisition of CHOPIN Technologies by the KPM Analytics demonstrates KPM’s focus on strong brands that bring a unique, application-focused set of solutions to customers.  CHOPIN brings a particular strength in both the grain and flour production markets.  This deep, market-specific technical strength is a perfect complement to the offerings of KPM’s other portfolio companies, Unity Scientific and Process Sensors.  The combination of these 3 strong and well regarded brands positions KPM Analytics as a key provider in the global Food, Environmental, and Agricultural instrumentation markets. CHOPIN will continue to serve grain and flour customers as it has for decades, using the well regarded CHOPIN Technologies brand.” said Mr. McIntire.

About CHOPIN Technologies

CHOPIN Technologies is specialized in methods and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours, and their by-products. The company offers products and services to cereal industries needing to carry out analyses to satisfy operational requirements and current regulations and to meet customer specifications.   For more information, visit

About KPM Analytics

KPM Analytics takes great pride in what it does. It’s premium brands provide instrumentation solutions for many industries and markets. From food quality and safety to environmental and agriculture, customers turn to KPM for their advanced scientific instrumentation needs. Its market-leading brands include Unity Scientific, Inc. (Connecticut, USA), Process Sensors Corporation (MA, USA), and CHOPIN Technologies (France).   For more information, visit


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