Chopin, céréales et dérivés


Because each process is different, CHOPIN Technologies places at your disposal a team of experts who will adapt our appliances to your business, while also preserving the confidentiality of your projects.
Based on your constraints and the production specificities of your products, the Applications Laboratory advises you and directs you to the solution that best matches your needs.
To this end, our specialist technicians offer you 3 types of service, namely adaptation of the analysis protocol to your process, the provision of an equipped laboratory, and special training on the CHOPIN Technologies appliances.

  • Click HereThe adjustment of protocols

    In order to provide you with relevant responses that are appropriate to your needs, we conduct feasibility studies and we adapt the tools to your needs.

    Our team of experts is fully at your disposal in order to develop a customised protocol for your products and your infrared calibrations.

  • Click HereThe making available of our laboratory

    The Applications Laboratory does everything possible to help you perform your studies and your personal research within a specialised user friendly environment. If you have any questions, please contact our on-site team.

  • Click HereSpecial training

    In order to provide you with the keys that will optimise your CHOPIN Technologies appliances in relation to your activity, the experts of the Applications Laboratory are at your disposal to help you with understanding your results and optimising your analyses.

So hesitate no longer, and join the circle of professionals in the grain business who have already placed their trust in us: