Chopin, céréales et dérivés

Mixolab 2

Measures the characteristics of dough during mixing, as well as the quality of starch and protein


The Mixolab analyzes the characteristics of dough during mixing, as well as the quality of starch and protein.

Applications :

For Breeders
Facilitates wheat seed variety selection from generations F4-F5
For Millers
Wheat testing at point of delivery
Detection of pest-infestation in wheats
Wheat and our blends optimization
Adaptation of flours for final uses through precise dosing of additives
Analysis of different flour mill streams
Assessing the impact of damaged starch
For Bakers
Verifying the conformity of delivered flours
Studying the rheological behavior of fiber-rich flours
Facilitates the elaboration of gluten-free products
Studying whole-wheat formulas
For All
Optimization of customer speci fications and quality control

For more applications, you can read or download the Mixolab Application HandBook here


Principle :

The Mixolab measures the consistency of a dough subjected to the dual constraints of mixing and increasing temperatures.
It analyzes the quality of protein and the starch using a 50 gram sample of the flour.


    The standard "Chopin +" protocol analyzes:
    1. Behavior during mixing (hydration, development time, stability, etc.)
    2. Protein quality
    3. Starch gelatinization
    4. Amylase activity
    5. Starch retrogradation

    The integrated software measures each of the standard curve parameters and converts them into six qualitative indexes :


    Index Type Values Significance : the higher the index value the...
    ABSORPTION From 0 to 9 ... more the flour absorbs water
    MIXING ... more the flour is stable at kneading
    GLUTEN + ... more the gluten resists heat
    VISCOSITY ... greater the dough's viscosity when heated
    AMYLASE ... weaker the amylase activity
    RETROGRADATION ... shorter the cooked product's shelf life will be



    The Simulator protocol displays a reconstituted Farinograph® curve and gives results that are fully comparable to those of the Farinograph®:
    • Water absorption
    • Development time
    • Stability
    • Weakening

    Compliant with :

    The Mixolab complies with the ICC 173, the AACC 54-60.01, AFNOR V03-764 and GOST P 54498-2011 standards for the determination of the rheological characteristics of flours and wholemeal.

    Mixolab 2

    A reliable, innovative and efficient device

    Precise, automatic mixer temperature regulation (max: 90°C)
    Robust, easy to clean, dual component aluminium/stainless steel mixer
    Easy to remove water tank for simple, rapid cleaning
    Water added automatically, rapidly and very precisely (+/- 0.02 ml). Possibility to add water in different fractions (pump capacity: 75 ml)
    Full electronic calibration on all the measurement points on the Chopin+ curve (temperature & torque) for greater analysis precision

    Simple, comprehensive and intuitive software