Chopin, céréales et dérivés

Quatuor II

Automatic dockage tester for determination of seeds impurities.


Applications :

Completly automatic dockage

determination of the level of impurities in grains (light impurities, broken grains, total impurities, good grains) upon delivery.

Principle :

This device, equipped with 2 rotative sieves and air flow, performs 3 operations:
- cleaning (removes impurities),
- sorting (granulometric classification),
- weighing and calculating the % of the different fractions obtained.

Quatuor II


No influence of the operator on the results.


The analysis of a sample is effected in 80 second

Versatility :

Adapted to all types of grains (wheat, barley, colza, sunflower, corn).

User-friendly :

Simple and rapid change of sieves.

Evolution capacities

Can be integrated into GESTAR System